Gone Gitmo – play it here

Gone Gitmo was chosen as part of an exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and we rebuilt it in Unity. Play it here:


Make sure you get unity plugin to play it!


Teaching with Technology

There have been many advances in teaching with technology. Here is the latest project in which I used immersive experiences to try to consider how we could continue to conduct classes if campus were closed due to an earthquke.

Gone Gitmo – A virtual Guantanamo Bay Prison built in Second Life

A virtual but accessible version of the prison, in contrast to the real but inaccessible prison.  See more at the Gone Gitmo Blog.
Visit Gone Gitmo via this SLURL

Cap & Trade – An Immersive Journalism Experience

Built in collaboration with the Center for Investigative Reporting and based on Mark Schapiro’s “Carbon Watch for Frontline World”, his article, “GM’s Money Trees” in Mother Jones
and his Harpers Magazine article “Conning the climate:
Inside the carbon-trading shell game,”
, this piece calls attention to some of the human consequences and lack of regulation in the carbon offset trade market.