(2004) (producer/writer/director)

A documentary that investigates the ways in which the civil liberties of American citizens and immigrants have been rolled back since the September 11 and the Patriot Act.

Truth and Consequence

Truth and Consequence
(In Progress)

A look into the compelling world of child psychology experiments – both past and present. Are the means of learning about children harmful to them? What do we learn from this type of research?


Unabomber: The True Story
(1996) (co-producer)

The Whistleblowers



(2003) (producer/writer/director)

The investigation of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, a disorder where a mother secretly but deliberately harms her child in order to get the attention of the medical community.

Death on the Job

An HBO documentary nominated for an Academy Award

Nonny de la Peña speaks at USC Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism

Nonny de la Peña gives an overview of the ideas behind immersive journalism.