Use of Force



(2004) (producer/writer/director)

A documentary that investigates the ways in which the civil liberties of American citizens and immigrants have been rolled back since the September 11 and the Patriot Act.

The Jaundiced Eye

The Jaundiced Eye
(1999) (Producer/writer/director)

A gay man is accused by his five-year-old son of molestation. Follow this family through the struggles of small town prejudice and a trying court battle.

No skeletons for Chinese version of WOW, no blood for Germans

Had a very interesting conversation about cultural chasms with UCI Informatics PhD candidate  Yong Ming today.  He explained that  the Chinese version of World of Warcraft does not allow skeletons because they are presumed to be too gruesome. Instead dead WOW players become tombstones!  

He also pointed out that the Germans restrict blood and gore.  I found a 2008 patch for the German version – is this still the case?

Darfur is Dying

In the activist game, Darfur is Dying made by Susana Ruiz in 2006, the player is a refugee from a Darfuri family and must evade the Janjaweed militia patrols on trips for water and firewood. The game is meant to increase empathy for victims of genocide by positioning the player within a game environment where the hazards refer to actual tragedy.